Follow-Up Support System


- Web-based data entry system with different levels of access for program administrators and clinical staff. One click password reset and account modification are available;

- Comprehensive tracking and patient information. Patients are tracked in the system using a unique ID chosen by the organization using the software (e.g., MRN, WITS ID, or SAIS ID). Overall follow-up services for patients are tracked (Active, Overdue, Failed, Completed, or Referral) as are intake clinician and intake facility;

- All necessary contact times for each patient are documented. Organizations can specify default events that are created with a single click (e.g., phone call at 2 weeks, 6 weeks, 12 weeks, 6 weeks prior to follow-up, 3 days prior to follow-up) and clinicians and administrators can create additional specific events at will.

- Each event is tracked as Active, Overdue, Completed, or Failed. Clinicians receive e-mail reminders to perform each event that is Active or Overdue on a daily basis;

- Administrators have easy access to reports on patient progress, including specific parsed data for Overdue and Failed patient tracking;

- Each event is modifiable with relevant details. Because the Follow-Up Support System is hosted on a secure server, updated phone numbers, addresses, details about the patient, and other information may be entered into events quickly and securely.

Terms of Use

- The Follow-Up Support System is an open-source software platform. The source code for this system is available to anyone free of charge as long as Angstrom Software is credited for development;

- Technical assistance. For all users, Angstrom Software, Inc. provides limited e-mail support free of charge;

- Access To access the code for this program, please Contact Us

Additional Services

-Additional services related to the Follow-Up Support System are available at cost. For questions about the content below, or to discuss other opportunities to utilize this program for your organization, please Contact Us

- Storage and hosting. Angstrom Software can host your copy of the Follow-Up Support System on a secure cloud server that maintains HIPAA and 42-CFR Part 2 compliance;

- Technical assistance and training. Extensive technical assistance and/or training with this software are available electronically, by phone, or in person.

- Ability to order modifications. If you are interested in the Follow-Up Support System but would like Angstrom Software, Inc. to modify the system in one or more ways, we offer a range of modifications to the software to make it more pertinent to your program's needs.

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