CDP Connect

A New Web Application for SAMHSA Grantees

CDP Connect is a quick and easy way for your project team to get into compliance with new SAMHSA regulations related to the Data Collection Instrument (DCI) and to prepare data for the Common Data Platform (CDP).


- A quick and easy user interface. Creating records for a client in a SAMHSA grant program has never been easier. For an SBIRT grant, for example, navigation between screening tools, DCI data, and client information is handled in a single, cleanly-laid-out panel;

- All data are stored in a secured database. The SAMHSA CDP currently doesn't allow automated data uploads. So, for the time being, CDP Connect stores all of your program's data in a database where you can access it using any standard spreadsheet (such as Microsoft Excel or IBM SPSS). These data can be imported into any other program, including CDP, that allows data merges. When CDP allows batch uploads, CDP Connect will include that functionality;

Terms of Use

- Interested parties may purchase an annual license and service package to use CDPConnect. Upon purchase of a license, Angstrom Software will customize a copy of CDPConnect to suit your project's needs and provide individual, secure hosting for your program and all collected data. If you currently are using an data collection software, Angstrom can assist you in transitioning your data from that system to CDPConnect. At any time during the license, technical support and user training is available upon request.

- Access To obtain this program, please Contact Us

Additional Services

- Technical assistance and training. Extensive technical assistance and/or training with this software are available electronically, by phone, or in person.

- Ability to order modifications. If you are interested in the CDP Connect system but would like Angstrom Software, Inc. to modify the system in one or more ways, we offer a range of modifications to the software to make it more pertinent to your program's needs.

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